FCbO: Fast CbO


fcbo - computes formal concepts and maximal frequent itemsets




This program computes intents of all formal concepts in an object-attribute data set (a formal context), i.e. the algorithm computes all maximal submatrices of a boolean matrix which are full of 1’s. The program implements FCbO, a fast algorithm based on Kuznetsov’s CbO with improved canonicity test.

The INPUT-FILE is in the usual FIMI format: each line represents a transaction or an object and it contains of a list of attributes/features/items. If the INPUT-FILE is omitted or if it equals to ‘-’, the program reads the input form the stdin. The OUTPUT-FILE has a similar format, each line represents one intent (itemset), where numbers indicate attributes in the intent (itemset). If the OUTPUT-FILE is omitted or if it equals to ‘-’, the program writes the input to the stdout.

Optional arguments

sets the initial index of the first attribute. The default value is 0, meaning that attributes are numbered from 0 upwards. If a data set uses attributes numbered from 1, you should use the ‘-1’ switch, and so on.
the minimal support considered is set to min-support. The default value is 0, meaning that the support is disregarded and all intents (itemsets) are written to the output. If min-support is set to a positive value, only itemsets having extents with at least min-support are written to the output.
sets the verbosity level to a specified value. Permitted values are numbers from 0 up to 3. The default value is 1. Verbosity level 0 (no output) just computes the intents and produces no output. Verbosity level 1 produces lists of intents with no auxiliary output. Verbosity levels 2 and higher write additional information to stderr.


fcbo -1 mushroom.dat

Computes all intents in the file named mushroom.dat where 1 denotes the first attribute in mushroom.dat. The output is written to the standard output.

fcbo -S200 foo.dat output-intents.dat

Computes all intents in foo.dat with extents having at least 200 objects, writing the output to output-intents.dat.


Written by Jan Outrata and Vilem Vychodil.


Report bugs to <fcalgs-bugs@lists.sourceforge.net>.


GNU GPL 2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html). This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


The program can be obtained from http://fcalgs.sourceforge.net